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Posted on 06 April 2014

Proper nutrition is vital for maintaining good health and warding off illness. Nutrition can also play a pivotal role in healing illness of all kinds, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer - the three leading illnesses which cause deaths. It is thus shocking that our doctors - whom most people turn to for advice on diet and nutrition - receive little to no training on the subjects in medical schools.It is demeaning that the tiny vital thing that matters in human health is ignored. In a well conducted survey majority of doctors in the country is not well trained in the importance of a good diet to the system.

Food is needed for body building, it revives our energy and strengthens us to carry out our daily activities. when we are sick we loose our appetite because all the energy in our body is channeled to fight the diseases in us and it cost a lot of energy to digest food that is why we need to eat well to produce enough energy in our body which can fight to prevent disease attack. In various communities many families cannot avoid the good foods they know but there are many inexpensive disease fighting food out there in the market it is up to our doctors to teach and advice them.

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Posted on 29 Jan 2014

In Health Care Systems, Hospital poses lots of challenges when it comes to upgrading. Obiviously the physical aspect is immovable and will cost a lot to reform to the required standard. Their current state have been established years back in the early centuries with no room for changes. the upgrade might require certain procedures which reflect the practice of health care and patient population of the past era. their indifferences with the needs of today is wide interms of lack of skilled staffs, theaters and vital health facilities.

The question is poised as this, is the standard of hospital designed to accomodate and offer our patients a good treatment ? I believe with the right structure and facilities we will be able to do more than expected but their is another issue that exists that can affect medical services from century to century and this is the health policy and hospital function, this can be resistance to change but it is always good that this is made in a scrutinized way to avoid establishing a negative health rules that cannot be erased. Health function needs to progress positively because it is the key to ridding the community of sickness or high mortality rate..

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